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Vacation: Banff


Went on a little holiday in Banff along with about a 1000 other tourists since the park passes are free for Canada’s 150. So it was busy indeed. Nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves. Usually when we travel Alberta we hit Jasper. So Banff was new to us. Still have a preference for Jasper though.

We checked out Bow Falls which are a rather nice, short stop to check out. Beautiful and you can check out the river as well.


We checked out the hoodoos and even tried to take the off the road paths down. But it is a maze down there so we didn’t get all the way down. We did get closer, but not all the way down.


We took the loop road for a driving tour and checked out some lakes like Two Jack lake. Peaceful place to stop at and have lunch.


We checked out Johnston Canyon and did Not make it to the end of that hike. I have health issues with FM and migraines. So it was not something I could do that day, but it was beautiful indeed what I did see. I would say, by far, the most fantastic piece of scenery and hike spot to go to in Banff (well easy hike spot). I would have loved to make it to the end.


And we went to Lake Louise to their ski hill and took the chair lift up to the top to check out the view and go for a stroll. Nice chair lift up. Great view. The tickets came with a meal. I wouldn’t recommend that. It was pretty basic, unsatisfactory lunch. Barely ate anything. The gondola itself I find Jasper’s gondola ride to be superior in many ways, but this one was a nice long ride, and you do get to ride the chair lifts (which is fun and pleasant on a warm day) and you can stroll about up top.


And we also did some shopping, because why not? There are so many stores on their downtown might as well go for a stroll and check them out. We went to a candy store for my spouse who Loves his sugar and loaded him up with candy. On the other side of things, found me a chocolate store and found me some fudge and cholate delights.  I also found a nice soap store and bought a couple bars of handmade soap and some bath salts. My spouse bought a t-shirt and I found a sweater (winter Is coming).

I thought to get some writing done at night but my laptop refused to work. I’ll have to see if I can fix it now that I am home. My holidays are for the rest of the week, so I will be getting some writing in there.


I find the mountains to be the most peaceful of places to be. The fresh are with a hint of pine in it. Crisp air. Mountains surrounding you. My step-brother used to say he didn’t like them because mountains loomed over him. I had never thought of it that way since to me they were so damn majestic. These days I see familiar ones like the Three Sisters and I recognize them on sight. I have been gong through, camping through or staying in the mountains for holidays since I was a kid. They bring back a lot of pleasant memories for me.


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