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Music festival


I went to a small music festival held locally, or near by anyway. Called the Pigeon Lake Music festival.

The image is of Chilliwack. I quite enjoyed their portion of the event. Maybe because I knew all their songs. Not exactly old enough to have been around for them, but they clearly have been played enough for me to know them. In Canada. If you do not know who they are, let me remind you of a time long ago…

I have to tell you a little secret: This was my first outdoor music festival.

I have to tell you another secret: I am not sure I get the appeal of a music concert, of a variety of bands, that lasts that Long.

I got a wee bit bored.

I saw some people next to us that brought books and board games and I thought ‘Genius!’. That would have been brilliant and I could have totally done it then.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the music. It was of all sorts and most of them I quite enjoyed. It wasn’t that it wasn’t great seeing it live, that was likewise great. The atmosphere was awesome. The food trucks selling food had some delicious food. It was bring your own beer… even Better.

I just got a tad bored.

I don’t think I am designed to sit in one spot of long durations and just appreciate music.

So we left. And came back. And did the same thing the next day. And that I could handle. The whole duration would be too much. Too muchness for me. Just all the sitting would be too much for me.

Not to mention I get migraines. And the sun. And the noise. It did induce a migraine. So breaks are good.

Since this is my very first festival of the sort I question if I am odd. Because my spouse had a similar reaction, however, he always has to be busy with something. I, on the other hand, could read for 8 hours if I had the time to do so. And I have before. So it isn’t lack of attention, but more lack of interest. I could, however, have had a great book and with that music in the background. That would have worked out fine.

I do indeed question my music appreciation skills in endurance events. Also my enthusiasm. People, near the end, for the headliners especially were crowded at the front dancing and cheering. As people rather would at a concert. Me? Snuggled in my chair chilling in the back. With no desire to get closer, dance or be up front in the least bit.

I think I suck at music festivals. But I did enjoy our trip down there overall and that is what counts. The company we went with was great. We visited after around the campfire. Good times there. My spouse and I stayed with my aunt and uncle and we were able to visit with them as well. People is what made the event great. Music, was just the background noise.


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