The life

The Quest: Caffeine reduction

I am follow a quest to lower my caffeine. To a point I feel I have succeeded. I apparently shocked my doctor with my caffeine intake.

That many cans of diet Coke a Day?



In my defense… I am thirsty.

All. The. Time.

Her point was that it could be making my profound insomnia worse and possibly causing the heart irregularities I have been having. Blah, blah, blah. Did I say, I was thirsty? I think I mentioned that.

No blah blah blah

Right, right, she has a valid point. I got down to 5 cans of diet coke a day, during the day, and none in the evening. And I have determined:

  • Yes, it does in fact worsen my insomnia to drink caffeine right up to bed. Not as much as one might Think, but it does. I am naturally tired a 2AM and with consistent caffeine use I am tired at 4AM.
  • And… it does indeed stop the palpitations I get when I go to bed, but not the other heart issues I have been having. So, yes, indeed a massive amount of caffeine does make your heart want to pound out of your chest while you are trying to sleep.

I should note… reduce the caffeine Slowly if you are going to attempt this quest. I mean slowly. Infinitely slow. By sips if need be. Otherwise…


But I do need that little bit of caffeine in the day because:

  • I need to be able to want to get out of bed.
  • Because I do have insomnia and rarely get enough sleep to function… I like the mental boost.
  • Otherwise I am angry. Very angry.
  • Otherwise I may fall asleep mid-conversation or driving.
  • Because I want to, that is why.

What I look like without caffeine:

It possible I will go down further, because she did want me at around 3 a day. Which seems excessive to me. I have after all gone down more than half my intake. Quite a bit more than half. I am not going to say how much I drank a day. Just going to say this: I’m thirsty. Just always thirsty. The caffeine is a lovely brain perk, but I find less of it is just as fine as more. It is the liquids I need consistently. And some caffeine, yes, some.

I feel like most writers exist on lack of sleep and caffeine anyway.


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