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So I have started writing for Wonder, which is a site I do recommend since you make $16 per brief you write for them. They have researchers that provide the research and you then write the brief. I am in training at this point, which clearly I need to be. The briefs have a specific format, have to be right on target and have perfect grammar and spelling to get your perfect score.

I like them as a company and they have great support. However, it seems to take me an hour and a half to two hours to write a brief. Just from digging through the amount of research, which can be plentiful depending on the task at hand. We are talking obscure subjects and tasks. This is a deep dive into the realm of Google here. But the average task takes half and hour to 90 minutes. Half an hour boggles my mind. So I have been trying to rush. Which backfired. You must simply improve at it. My research freelancing never takes that long, but the subject matter isn’t this odd.

I will have to see if my turnout of briefs improves. Otherwise not for me. But it is for someone. It is a good gig indeed for both researchers, editors and writers.

Another perk is the topics. I mean, I have already just dipping my toe in, due to being rather busy this week… and the topics have varied Widely. It is fascinating stuff indeed. And if you can’t freelance about fascinating things then why freelance at all, I say? I love that aspect.


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