The shyest writer around

I am the shyest writer around. I love to write. I love to have people read what I write as long as I have no idea who they are and they are far away from me. And I never communicate with them face-to-face. Because that is why I am a writer and not a singer.

My aunt read my book and she is a fan. She doesn’t read fantasy fiction at all. Never really interested her in the least bit but she wanted to read what I wrote so she bought my first book. And she said she quite enjoyed the story. It warmed my heart that she read it and that she liked it. She has read the others in the series as well. I think that is awesome. I’m glad I didn’t Know she was reading them while she was reading them though. I always feel weird when someone I personally know reads my work.

We were at a gathering of people at the time and she spontaneously mentioned it to people I really don’t know. And I said ‘Yes I did write that.’ And they asked for the title and so I gave it to them. And then I tried hard to change the subject as fast as humanly possible. Because it felt awkward. This is one reason I chose a pen name. One to keep all my other health-related advocacy separate and partly so people I know don’t know I am a writer. Is that weird? I have to get over this shyness. Own it.

I don’t mind it per se. I just have no idea how to talk to the casual non-fantasy fiction reader. If they were in the genre and loved fantasy fiction I am game to talk to them and talk about reading as well. But the average person who really isn’t into the genre, it is awkward. My full blow introverted side comes out. Well, my introverted not good with people side and then my shy nature. I was quite shy when I was younger. Less so now. It crops up though in certain situations, like that. People looking at me, expecting me to sell my book or something. Giving me too much attention. But without there being a common interest I just clam up.

One of these days it will get better. There are people like my aunt and others in my family that love me to bits and are fans just because. That is such a nice feeling.


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