referral income generating sites


So there are a few writing content sites that you post writing and based on Adsense and Amazon, or other factors you generate income on them. I used to write for one for a bit and then didn’t for quite some time. Now I think I will again for content I’m not doing anything else with. Essays and so forth. Might as well. I do get some from the HubPages I have used before consistently from it just existing.

I tried out a new one recently to see if it was better and it was not. Quite a bit not. I had a rather odd experience with, it to be honest.  It was Wizzley. I had never heard of it but thought I’d give it a go. So I put up a basic piece of writing I wasn’t using. Fine. All good. Come back later and it isn’t up. And I am locked out. And I have no clue why.

I know that I Copyscape my writing due to that incident with a source title showing up on the program and now I am paranoid, and it cleared fine. So certainly it wasn’t a violation of anything like that. Sometimes I wonder if I had posted something somewhere else, so I find Copyscape reminds me if I did. Like my blog. Happens, when I have an article I am not using for anything. I find a way to indeed make use of it. One way or the other. But this one was new so I knew I had not. So I am clueless as to why they shut it down. And frankly, they didn’t bother to tell me.

So HubPages it is. I posted it there but expanded it because with Hubpages you want things to be a little more extensive.

Anyway, I do recommend Hubpages because I have never had an issue with them before. Aside from the one time I did post something I had actually previously posted on my blog which came up. Really a good idea to Copyscape if you are like me and utilize content like that for your blog, writing samples, whatever. I also started a new file for new HubPages specifically to save myself the trouble of that. I need to sort those miscellaneous writings. Anyway, it is a great site for those miscellaneous things you are not going to do anything with. For me, that would be things like poetry and some oddball short stories. Random content I failed to do anything with or had no intent to do so. I had put up philosophy essays… fun and intriguing but no other use for them. You can, of course, use it to create just samples of writing as well.


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