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My Fiverr experience

My Fiverr profile.

When I chose to try out Fiverr it was in fact because I have used it before for visual design.

This is the cover for a novel I am working on that a Fiverr designer came up with for me:


This is before I went to my pen name in fiction, of course. But the cover works great for that novel. I changed the bottom to change the author, but other than that it is the same. I also have used Fiverr for social media blasts for my book. I really don’t have the time to blast as many people as they can with ease for a book promotion, so this is very handy. The number of services you can find on here is simply endless.

So I thought why not add myself on there as a blogger and article writer? Starting in the niche that I have the most experience in. Health/wellness. And so I did.

It starts off with a Basic plan which is your 5 dollar plan and goes up from there in features and pricing. I find this one is the most popular with my buyers. But you have a lot of flexibility in what you want to offer and prices.

One thing I had an issue with is when you have variability in words could one customer found he could not order more than 1 in Quantity. This was an issue. So I created an alternate gig of 500 words, no variability, simple as can be for people who want the Basic but more than 1 of it. That resolved that issue.

You can rate the customer and comment. They can rate you as well in:

  • Communication with seller
  • Service as described
  • Buy again or recommend


So far I have the experience to be quite enjoyable. I get a variety of work in all sorts of subjects. It keeps me interested. I have had great customers and so far they have valued my work. I have always enjoyed working in that area which is why I generally write in it, so it definitely keeps in engaged.

If you haven’t already I would put at least one gig up on Fivver for blogging or article writing.




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