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Young girl thinking with illustrated brain
Young girl thinking with illustrated brain

I have joined Fivver and my experience with them has been quite interesting. I enjoy the projects I have to work on. I have been getting good reviews, so far, knock on wood and all. I think it is a great approach for a writer like myself to put myself out there.

So I thought, yet, since I can no longer work outside of the house (migraines and vertigo when driving) I should attempt to do more Freelance work and hopefully get that minimum amount of part-time income I need. I had downgraded work, so I do not need a lot, but some, yes, some.

So I dived into Google land and came up with similar sites where you can a) pick jobs posted b) bid on jobs posted c) write an article and put it up for sale and then, of course, the assorted blogger ones.

It will be interesting to see if any of these are viable options for me and certainly, I will discuss them here if they are. It will be an exploration of expanding my freelance work. Hopefully, I will see something from the venture, but maybe not, it is hard to say one way or the other. I did not some of them are only US, so strike out on those ones right of the get-go.


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