So… what is that story about?


After my previous post, you might gather a slight indication I am introverted. I am actually quite introverted but years of customer service experience has helped me develop my chit chat with people.

One thing I didn’t mention is that I am very modest. Very shy about my accomplishments.

I was at my friend’s house visiting, two beers in and a cheap drunk as is. And I picked up a stone on her centerpiece and read ‘Dreams’ off of it. She asked me so ‘what is your dream?” I said, “To become a world famous author.’ Actually, it is to be an author who can sustain herself for a living. I said the novels I had right now had good reviews on them but not excellent sales. And that I wasn’t awesome at marketing. That I was thinking of going traditional for the next one. Not this Series, but the next series.

First time I openly talked about it to honest. Surprised myself. But I was cool with that.

Then. Oh then. “What are they about?”

Ah. Well. Drew a blank. It’s complicated. Well, in the first book you see there is this character who is… ramble, ramble. And sort of incoherent storyline and characters. Made it sound odd and weird. Fantasy stories sound sort of odd when you try and explain them. I should have went on Theme. But I wasn’t prepared for the question.

I was flustered. And embarrassed. I never talk about what I do. It is just my secret thing. Clearly, I need to think of a short concise blurb if this ever comes up again.

I can, OF COURSE, think of such a blurb Now.


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