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Valentine’s Day… again?

Yep, another Valentine’s day is upon us.

Chronic pain is real. It is like that booboo you had but forever. Get it_(2).png

I’m not much for it, to be honest. Over commercialized.

But my spouse is sweet and sentimental. He got me chocolates, candy, a dozen roses (some were white with blue tips, blue being my favorite color) and little monkey stuffy and a balloon. And he had some heart covered paper he laid out and put all his gifts out on it so I would be surprised when I got up. The card he got me was lovely, and he wrote a personal message in it.

What matters is, it is important to him to show affection on this day. It is important to him and it makes it important to me.

I have been with him 19 years. Longest relationship of anyone our age we know. We were young when we got together. Amazing we stayed together since at that age people change a great deal. But I suppose, we changed together. I think back on those days as the best in my life to date. We had some good times, me and him. I wasn’t as chronically ill as I am now. We do have fun now, just more mellow and paced.

He wonders why I have never written a character like him. Simple. He is a good man. A sweet man. A thoughtful man. I would never do horrible things to a character who reminded me of my common-law spouse. Couldn’t do it. But his smile was on the face of another. His curly locks. He tall lean frame. So many nuances are then the idiosyncrasies of others. I am using his name, in one version of it anyway, in a recent novel as a tribute to him. The hero, my hero, same name.

We often write about love. We are influenced by the love in our lives. His impact on me is endless.


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