Brilliant idea strikes at sleepy time


Yes, that headline should be common to every writer. Especially us insomniacs who think about endless things, passing the time while waiting for the elusive Sandman. The man is a bit of a slacker really.

Usually, we are struck with brilliance like a bolt from the GODs. Where did this even come from? It is a magnificent idea. Dare I say it? It is even bigly? That will never cease to amuse me. Anyway, this bigly idea is the best damn idea ever. The best idea I have had since putting Cheese Whiz on graham crackers. And that was a damn fine idea. And we think ‘I’ll remember this when I get up’ which is our doom. It vanishes into the nether regions of our mind. I suspect it is in the same place I lost trigonometry and calculus.

This time I remembered it. Likely because I really didn’t sleep as sort of coasted through stage one like skimming a rock on water. Nevertheless, I remember the idea. Can I write about it? Not anytime this year. I am loaded with writing work I need to do. So it is going to remain a tantalizing tease for the future.

I want to write it now.

No. Have to finish other work. Edit other work as well.


Not happening. I mean it. Putting my foot down. The foot is down.


All right. The beginning. Just so we know where we are going with it for future reference.

Ah yesss. That is it. I am fulfilled.


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