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How to not write a book

How to not write a book.png

  1. Start writing

  2. Take a break and look at Facebook

  3. Grab a caffeinated drink.

  4. Back to writing a different story because an idea popped into your head

  5. Respond to a notification on Facebook because it was an interesting conversation you had commented on.

  6. Realize it had turned into Politics. Make inflammatory political remark for fun.

  7. Watch that thread implode.

  8. Get a death threat.

  9. Tell the person you are Canadian and that you actually didn’t care. Write lol after.

  10. Start editing that work that actually needs to be done soon but you never seem to find the time.

  11. Go make tea.

  12. Get distracted by the book that is calling to you from the living room.

  13. Come back and return to that story you began with. Realize it is 3am

    and you only have half an hour to write before you really should get some sleep.


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