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Weeding through scammers

So I am looking for work to do from home. This would be blogging, article writing, article rewriting and that sort of deal. But also general admin.

What I am actually doing though is weeding through scammers. Some of which are getting better and better. Some are not. Some are like ‘Hey, you are totally Hired for this receiving payment job. All you have to do is take the payments I send you to your Personal account and then wire it to a bitcoin account. Because our company has no bank account. We are weird like that. So we use our employees account instead. There is nothing suspicious about this and bitcoin isn’t Only for money laundering.’

Others really go for the gold. Long descriptions of an existing company using excellent English. With enough information that it is at least on the surface clear they did some basic recon on the nature of the business they are pretending to be. But they are communicating in the wrong way; not an email with a company name, but rather Google Hideout or Yahoo messenger or whatever. And then out of the blue, ‘hey, yeah, we need to send us $250-950 bucks to secure your computer to work with us. We will, of course, pay you back. No, you cannot buy from the vendor yourself. No, we can’t download it ourselves. Yes, we are a massive company and our IT department is excellent but we have no control over this specific and necessary program to secure your computer. You have to send us the money first and we will send it to the vendor. Through Western Union. Because that is legit. Oh, you refuse to send it to Western Union? How about cash or credit card? As soon as possible. Like when specifically can you do this? What hour exactly?’

I have enough research on this to write an article about This. This trying to find some side income and instead having conversations with scammers.

I wonder if these sites are just 80% scammers and 20% actual people looking for employees. Just scammers floating around trying to snag people that have heard it all before. Maybe scammers hiring scammers. Or people getting more cynical such that if one red flag pops up we are all ‘I’m out. Nope. Out.’ Maybe some employer does interview through Google Hangout. Maybe some company does use Western Union. Maybe secret shoppers do accidently sometimes get paid with a check that is way too large sometimes and have to deposit it to their bank, get the portion out to pay back to their employer because their employer is too lazy to re-issue a check… yeah, no, not that. Don’t do that.

Anyway, I wasted some time on a scammer today and that annoyed me immensely. I was sleep deprived and the hints sort of got to me but I still waited it out until the money grab. That is too long. I should have been out of there long before that. Instead, waste of my time.

This is why I much prefer writing. Although not the offers to write a 100 articles for 1 cent or something ludicrous like that. 500 word articles! 1 cent per article! Write your fingers off for pennies! If you work hard 2.5 cents per article! We expect 40 per day. Gee, I’m going to making the big bucks now. I actually did this for a bit years ago. You don’t make money per se but I suppose it is better than ‘exposure offers’. In some way. Somehow. And you do get a vast amount of experience in a short time frame. I was just doing it to do something in my spare time. I made, like, 100’s of pennies. One dollar. I made a dollar.



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