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So I was looking up my link on Amazon to post somewhere and low and behold two reviews! Also excellent reviews so there is also that warm fuzzy feeling I got when I saw that. And I went to Goodreads and Another star rating! I am quite pleased to see this reader response.

I don’t think readers know how much we appreciate reviews. We really, really do, man. Because with Amazon it can’t come from anyone you know, have ever known, liked once or saw vaguely at a distance one time. It is very specific and precise. I am not even sure about all the regulations now but I know they took down a review someone posted who was a friend of mine on Facebook. The person at the time didn’t even know I was the author of the book. But it doesn’t matter. There was a connection. Or something. Whatever. Sort of made me sad that one. It was the best damn review I had! Moot point since I changed over to a pen name mind you.

Goodreads is better that way. You could have read the book from anywhere and still review it. I could have bought a book from Chapters and review it on Goodreads, but not Amazon. So in that sense, you can get a lot of great reviewers on Goodreads. I get books from all over the place so I will often review on there myself. I went there this time to set up my pen name. I had just gotten around to it. Which needs to be done to interact as an author. That should be done soon, I think.

Point being, these reviews Matter to me. A great deal. Feedback of any sort matters to me. In a sense, it is a conversation with people reading my books. Otherwise, I have no idea what is on their minds. It also matters overall. Because other readers look for reviews. If there are none, they are not inclined to buy. Obviously from a marketing perspective that is a thing. I personally just like the interaction.

I love people that care enough to review. It is a great feeling seeing that response when I looked it up.


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