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Christmas, traditions and books


I love this tradition. And what reader would not love this tradition.

I love it so much that I got a Secret Santa gift that had Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks in it. And I am reading it this Christmas Eve. This book had been on my reading list some time now. I am going to snuggle up, read and eat chocolate. What is better than that? Nothing.

And I hope I get some more books. Or gift cards for books. Because my pile is worn down. And since I am currently broke, I need book gifts like I need to breath. Books are necessary in my life. But right now I have two very good non-fiction ones to get me through the holidays.

I hope every has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hope the readers some good books and gift cards for books. And maybe a writer is hoping for a new fancy smancy typewriter they have out now. Or a new laptop for your work. Hell most of us love stationary things. We have a love for stationary. I got that as a gift once from my spouse. Little notebooks, my favorite pens, sticky notes. and a cork-board.


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