Happy Holidays


Holy Nutcracker it is almost Christmas. And, yes, it is a holiday I celebrate in a non-religious fashion. So it is simply a pretty awesome day where you exchange gifts and share a family diner. One of my favorite holidays to be precise. Get gifts. Give gifts. Have a meal together. You simply cannot get better than that. And it is in winter, which gives me a break from all that crap coldness. You seriously need holidays in the winter.

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays because I want them to likewise have a happy holiday. Whatever holiday they might celebrate. Or if they celebrate none, then a happy day off due to it being a national holiday. Everyone wins with a national holiday, whether the celebrate it or not… because we all need a nice day off here and there.

And here apparently is a problem for some people. Happy Holidays? How Dare you. It is Merry Christmas. But it isn’t for some people. And I like to be inclusive. Even for me, it isn’t even a holiday that means the same thing as it would to someone who is religious. I mean ‘keep the Christ in Christmas’? Nope. I’ll call it Santamas instead. Seriously not everyone is a Christian. If we were then this would be moot. But we are not.

I don’t get the anger over this to be honest. Anger. Over wishing someone a Happy Holidays. As in be happy on the holidays. Good wishes to you. Grrr. That makes me angry. But, isn’t Christmas a holiday? Why, yes, yes it is. And do you not want to be happy on it? Why yes, yes I do. So then there really isn’t anything enraging about saying Happy Holidays is there? Well, no, I suppose not.

And would it upset me if someone told me Merry Christmas? Of course not, because of course I do celebrate that holiday. If they said Happy Hanukkah on the other hand I would be a little confused, because I really have no idea how to have a happy Hanukkah. And imagine my surprise when I actually don’t know what people celebrate by just looking at them. So saying Merry Christmas could be completely out of context. So use Merry Christmas when you know they celebrate it and use Happy Holidays every other time. Why not.

Or just be one of those people that stick to their guns and says Merry Christmas whether it applies or not. But don’t be one of those people that gets angry at someone for being different than you and using Happy Holidays, because literally no reason to get angry about it.


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