I have submitted to a traditional publisher for my previously published work. I actually want to try traditional for some of my recently written novels, but there is this series to deal with. For example, I am finishing up the third in the series right now. So I made a short inquiry of what publishers take on previously published work and selected one that might be suitable for me in the way they presented themselves. One perk, they like series. And this is a series.

A long time ago I thought about traditional but when I looked for an agent, well, the economy had tanked. And every rejection letter was ‘due to the economy’. They were however rather positive letters, so there was that. I expect to be getting more of that without the ‘due to the economy’ aspect. Can’t get published without a healthy stack of rejection. Part of an authors self-loathing after all. We must love what we write and then hate it. Then send it out and get it rejected. And then feel like we are personally rejected. And then, so it all over again.

Anyway, I will finish up the third in the series and self-publish it because it goes with the series. Maybe find a publisher for it, maybe not. In regards to the other novels I have finished or am working on, they I intend to go the traditional route on. Even if this series remains self-published I do aim to try traditional with other works, which is why they have not been published yet. And you all know how that goes… it could be quite some time to find an agent let alone a publisher. It is an infinitely slow process. I will need a new copy of a market book too. Mine is likely quite significantly out of date.

The unfortunately thing in all of this? Teaching myself to write damned query letter and synopsis again. Never did master that business. The synopsis on this one I just sent was particularly difficult for a one pager, due to the novel being rather long. I cut out so much information the synopsis barely even makes sense. Just the raw bones of the main plot.


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