One moment


You ever have a moment of just peace and contentment fall upon you suddenly?

Not on the outer world
For inward joy depend;
Enjoy the luxury of thought,
Make thine own self friend;
Not with the restless throng,
In search of solace roam
But with an independent zeal
Be intimate at home.

There is likely a word for the feeling but not one that adequately suits it.

I am just getting over the flu. At that point where I am still sick and still exhausted but significantly better than the day before. I have a sort of alertness and energy I have lacked for three days. A feeling I am over the worst of it. I am in the computer room writing in dim light. Toasty warm; sans the fever and chills now. My boyfriend is watching a movie in the living room and I can occasionally hear him chuckle. I pause, lean back in my chair, then twirl my chair in a slow circle. Slowly taking in the room; the books, notes stuck up on the board, pictures and notebooks. Charlie, one of my cats, languishes in the corner. And I feel this satisfaction of the moment. Like this moment is perfection. A simple moment and one that is not even special in any way, but I feel a sense of contentment descended upon me from it.

I think it is because I am slowly getting over a flu that made me rather miserable. The contrast is there I suspect. Then the feeling of warmth and comfort added to that. That cozy feeling that makes you just feel at home. It is freezing outside and that just makes inside that much more appealing. All day I have simply had the craving to write or read. To have tea or cocoa and relax. Not one stressful thought had infringed upon me, so perhaps that is one good thing about being sick… you have no time to stress about things because you are simply too sick to function. So on this day of feeling slightly better, I still am in this recovery mode and not stressing about all those things my brain would normally dwell on. Let’s not bring them up, because that would just ruin the whole day for me.


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