Changing up existing novel series

The complaint I have received over my self-published books are they are too long. Not a complaint one gets often with Fantasy but maybe it is because they are urban fantasy. Either way, I am splitting the two books up. Because I get the point when you look at the paper based book, self-published wise, they do look bigger. Not to mention the last book in the series is a what I would say is a regular size for a book, not too large at all. So it will even out nicely. Make a five book series. But this means changing them slightly. I am looking at what will be the second book right now, beginning and ending. Due to where it had to be split it ends on the short end of the stick around 50k, so I might see if there is anything I want to add to that side of the plot. It is an interesting section that happens there. So there is a lot of potential indeed. The first novel split is fine as is and its own complete plot.

Changed the titles and may again. These may be something in general for the e-book covers unless I get someone to do them for me.



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