NaNo for the win!


Well, I made it to the finish line. 50,000 words. A little over actually. Never the less got it verified and giving myself a break today on writing more.

My novel itself isn’t done so more writing for me to do in November to get that novel completed. It will be around a 60k novel I think.

This is the second time I have ever done NaNoWriMo and second time I have won. It feels a bit better this time. I followed the same format, but I never ran out of steam. This novel just was full of inspiration start to finish. I am sure I will, well, make it a darker and intenser on the next draft, because it needs it. However, the concept is laid out. The rough is there.

The question remains for the ending. Does the girl die or not? Hmm. I have yet to decide. She is currently simmering in madness. As anyone would be in her place. But death? Or life? Live to love another day? Or fuel the hate of the man who loved her? A question for some sleepless nights I suppose.


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