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Hit the NaNo wall


It was bound to happen and happened later than I thought but I hit that wall at 31,990. The wall of… well, soooo, what happens next then? A big fat blank wall that mocks me with its starkness. I stopped writing because to continue tossing out a word count would just get me crap. A lot of random crap with no specific goal in mind.

So I did what I always do I went to sleep. Except I don’t sleep because I have insomnia. So while laying there trying to sleep I brainstormed what to do at this specific point in the novel. I needed significant action build. Significant growth and tension. I had pushed the action already and this caused on of the characters a rather reasonable amount of stress. It would only be reasonable if she then made an irrational choice at this point. The other character in response, with his hero complex and unrequited love, will step up his game. And I have a plot again.

So instead of writing I am jotting down some plotting in order to get me to the finish line. I always expect a slow down once the plot starts getting all entangled, which is why I tend to write a good bit more in the beginning of NaNoWriMo to give me the flexibility later to take my time a bit to play with concepts. Despite this wall I hit, I actually have the ending already planned. That is set in stone. Just how to set that scene. And I think I found a way that quite works it out well.


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