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NaNoWriMo Progress

So day 4 and so far I am at 12975. I write at night so technically that is my day 4 writing although I will get some in later in the afternoon as well. I so far am averaging 3200 a day. It is easy to do in the beginning of a novel where it is all new inspiration I find. And being ahead of the game is great for when I hit any lag later. This was how I was last year as well. Well ahead in the beginning and then lagged later and ended up with 54k at the end.

I find with a Nano novel pacing is an issue. I rushed last years novel and I am having issues editing that novel as a result. It needs a lot of additional work to be what it needs to be. Because you are writing so fast you are rushing to scenes. With no breather scenes or build scenes. I was doing the same thing this year and then took a breather to think about what I was writing. I thought what happens before event C. What is the lead up? Which led to three additional chapters that add a lot of depth. Normally at a slower pace you are doing a lot more thinking and pondering, so this isn’t an issue.

Which leads me to my next point. My pre-planning has been productive to me. I know the direction I am going in. And inspiration has been building from it. But it is bare bones planning. What I did anyway. I have done a great deal of research already. Gone well beyond what I had ‘planned’. Developed the world, characters and culture. So a lot of pausing for research for me in the three hours a day I devote to writing. So, I’d say, I’m still a pantser at heart.

I got a new desk today. For free! My spouse’s sop closed down and he moved to another but in the meantime what they could not use they gave away… thus a new desk and chair for me. And I seriously needed an upgrade from my old decrepit desk.


Also this fellow, Charlie, has not been helping me today with my writing at all. But he is so cute I’ll forgive him.



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