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NanoWriMo and planning

I have only ever done one Nano and that was last year. I wrote it like I write every novel… straight as I go. Pantsing. Seat of my pants style.

This year I have one of those concepts that I know if I go with it it is going to fizzle out soon and I will need some ‘dwelling’ time. So I decided to do some actual outlining and planning. Something I know how to do, just don’t really ever do.

It is however working out well. I have some details down. I have a general idea what is going on up to chapter 7. And a general idea where I am going from there with the rest of the novel. In other words I worked out my overall plot. I know my direction. Course in writing it I may diverge from this plan if the characters do not like it. And I have a subplot in mind.

Worked up the characters a little and have a little idea where I am going with them as well. Backgrounds. Appearance.  Personalities. Baggage.

I have been using a program instead of notebooks for it. I think faster typing. It is called WorkFlowy. You can find it online. As well as add it to your Google apps. Perfect for outlining and note taking. I have been using it for some time and have a pretty large segment of notes in there on a few novels already. I may not plan, but I take notes of things I want to remember as I write. So it has become a very useful writing tool for me.

I still am not sure if I will win Nano this year or not. But I am up for the challenge. It is exciting; the idea of spending all that time on our craft.


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