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What type of writer are you?

Are you a planner? Or a fly by the seat of your pants writer?

I fly by the seat of my pants. I have a novel concept, general plot and a main character. And then I start. See where it takes me. It gets more depth. Subplots crop up. Characters develop and become more important or less important. I do have small notebooks per novel where I write notes as I go along about characters, running plot ideas and any other detail I need to keep in mind as I go.

I am not a planner. Because plans change the moment you put the pen to paper. Or the fingers to the keys I should say. You have to have flexibility for the creativity of the writing process. I once tried to outline. And it was a fantastic outline. Only the novel ended up nothing like the outline because of a few fundamental twists I made while writing that shifted the course of the novel.

I like the idea of being a planner though. To have it all organized and thought out. Character profiles. And an outline of the plot down to chapters even. Yes, I love that idea. But that doesn’t seem to be how my creativity works. It works as I write and it just changes the flow of anything then. But maybe it would be a good exercises nonetheless for me to do this sort of pre-work. It does give you a solid frame work.

So I have decided for this years writing month, since I am choosing a novel idea that has not been touched by me and in fact I am saving for November, I will do some pre-wrting work. I will do an outline. Some character profiles and history. Some world-building profiles. And see if this depth before I touch the keys in any way affects the experience at all.


3 thoughts on “What type of writer are you?”

  1. I’m a planner, but I can’t remember the last time I had a novel planned out from start to finish before I started writing. At the start I only have a general idea of where the story will end. My plans always change so I don’t bother making detailed outlines too far ahead. Usually, I have everything plotted out scene by scene a few chapters ahead and then adjust accordingly as I write.


    1. Yes, that sounds more reasonable a game plan you have going on. I will see how far my planning can go since it isn’t my forte and see if it makes any difference to my work. It will be an interesting experiment for sure.

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