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Spree of free books


Because I happen to be poor lately I have been buying free books on Amazon. And coincidentally they are all romances. Sort of getting tired of that but Free. And can’t beat free when you are poor.

I can’t review them because none of them are that great. Not worth commenting on or reading again. Although there were the rare fantasy that cropped up I enjoyed.

But this is what I have learned so far…

  1. Bondage is kinky.  And apparently the new in thing for romance books. “I need control in the bedroom.” “Yes, Sir.” And then some spanking usually because someone was naughty.
  2. People just do not communicate these days. There is always some misunderstanding that is almost always idiotic.
  3. People get accidentally pregnant and then don’t want to tell the father… for reasons. He finds out. And anger ensures. Then anger turns into love. The end.
  4. Vampire bits are apparently an aphrodisiac. You’d think it would hurt like a sonofabitch and there would be blood all over the place. But, no, you’d be wrong. That bite goes straight to the Garden of Eden or the Secret Grove if you prefer and passion ensues without nary a drop of blood. Really you have to be impressed with suckage like that.
  5. I have yet to read woman’s genitals as woman’s genital’s. But I suppose that is okay. I mean, vulva sounds like a Volvo. And really who doesn’t call their clitoris their Love Button?

I gotta stop reading this stuff. I like the occasional romance but I have a limit. A serious limit. I need my fantasy fiction. Ah well Christmas will be here before I know it and I’ll get some Chapters gift certificates.


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