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Book Review: Drafter

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The Drafter (The Peri Reed Chronicles) is the first in a series by Kim Harrison.
The Blurb:
Peri Reed has been lied to by a person she loved and it leads to her wanting to find the truth if she ever can. She is a drafter; having the ability to alter and change history she rewrote. Yet forget what she did. With her memory erased for three years, she joins with a renegade to find the truth about herself and the agency she works for.

Why did I pick it up:

I picked this one up because I loved her previous series. It was a great one and I read it to the end leaving me wanting more. So I thought I would give her a new one a go.

What is good about the novel:

The idea of drafters and their anchors who anchors a real timeline memory after a draft. The world-building of this government-owned organization of drafters that have been altering things in their favor. The characters, with their real flaws, damage, baggage and difficult roles they have to play. The storyline and plot are unique and fascinating. Peri is a fragile and hard character all at once. Fighting through gaps in her existence and conditioned training. Struggling to find any truth to hold onto but specifically if she was a bad agent on a list of corrupt agents.  I was deeply into this book. Couldn’t tear me from it.

What is not so good about this novel:

There was nothing that bothered me about this book. It was one of those reads you get complete satisfaction from.

Rate it 5/5

Update: I have read the new ones in the series and it continues to impress. A very enjoyable series.


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