Just work for free I guess… not

They said I'd get exposure

I think what people fail to understand is that I can’t eat exposure. And a lot of these sites… well the exposure isn’t all that much of a motivation for me. Occasionally it works to the writers benefit and certainly promotions do, but we really have self-esteem issues and give into this exposure thing way too often. I certainly used to. Now I sort of pick and choose my opportunities. Not that marketing is really my forte.

What is our work worth? More than free. I heard about this incident of the reader enjoying the work but returning it… after they read and enjoyed it… because they didn’t want to pay the fricken 99 cents. Wanted them all to be free. And it is a slap in the face. We spend a lot of time and effort producing a novel and they are all really worth more than 99 cents. We just never feel we are known enough or read enough and are always uncertain about pricing. It can be difficult as a writer to have that sense of worthiness.

However, if you buy and read through a whole novel you Own it. You shouldn’t even have the capacity to return it at that point. Amazon should think about that policy. If you read 1/4 I get that. I have read some books that just were not for me at all and I couldn’t get through another page. Deleted them and never finished them. But, hey, I also never returned them. When I buy a book it sort of comes with the understanding I just might not like it. Such is life. And I certainly do Not buy what I cannot afford. Well… I do buy more than I should, but what this person did is pretty loathsome.


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