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Review: The shifty magic series

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The shifty magic series by Judy Teel… I read them all in a couple of days so it is a review of Shifty Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 1),Undercover Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 2),Savage Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 3)

The Blurb: Paranormal terrorists attacked the world outing paranormals, who helped fight off the terrorists. Addison is a private investigator who at times works with the FBI and in particular Cooper. In the first, she gets pressured by vampires to solve a case and works with Cooper to do so. In the second Cooper gets pinned with a crime he didn’t do and they have to solve a venom drug trade to clear him. In the last book, Cooper risks losing Addison forever. As they traveled to Coopers clan, he is a shapeshifter. People there are getting going nuts and getting sick. Addison has a plan to help them.

Why did I pick it up: The first one intrigued me. I was desperate for something to read and needed a new series. So this being a series I gave the first one a go. First one was free as well.

What is good about the novel: The world building is interesting and it works. I would have gone more Dystopian myself, but it works. The third novel is my favorite. The plot is interesting and the impact on the characters made me tear up. The second one as well had good plot features, just not quite as compelling to me. I enjoyed Cooper as a character.

What is not so good about this novel: The flaw in Addison plagued me through the works. She, despite evidence, had this insistence she was human despite doing things no human could do. There simply was no rational way to explain it more than once. Yet she stuck with it. Not sure I was finding that plausible. Only when she needed to, did she believe. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would but it is hard to put my finger on why. It is a good read, but not a great read. Fast reads too.

I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5. Because I did burn through them and I would read the next one, which I see is now out. But it was just an average read for me. 


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