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I am a procrastinator

I am a procrastinator. There. I admit to it. Not quite as bad a him though. I did take my time with my thesis for example. But I know what I should be doing and then I piss away my time on something completely irrelevant. I definitely also procrastinate on uncomfortable situations… I do not like emotionally awkward situations.

For long term procrastination we really have to set up a routine. Even a little at day on what you want and consider that a success. Then just increase it from there.

I think worse of all is I am a absentminded procrastinator. So I put something off for a day and then forget I have to do it. Sometimes it takes me months to simply make an appointment for the dentist or something. Procrastinate, then the office is close. Next day forget I had to phone. Repeat both steps over and over with the forgetting sometimes lasting a week and then suddenly remembering I had that thing I needed to do.

To conquer this with writing I write something every day. A blog post or part of a novel. Or I edit some of a novel. I do something writing related each day. Including maintaining this blog. It is important not to procrastinate too much with a novel. People are expecting to read it at a certain time… so you have to have it done by then.


2 thoughts on “I am a procrastinator”

  1. Absent-minded procrastinator here too! Though I ended up finding a solution for this – I stuck up a pin board above my desk and pinned several notes reminding me of the things I should do. So even if I don’t end up doing whatever it is I’m procrastinating on, at least I know I won’t forget it, haha.

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