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St. Patrick’s Day

You know I have not celebrated St. Patrick’s Day for over a decade. We randomly decided to go out with my brother, Dave, and his girlfriend, Ciara (depicted at the bottom). And I am on the top left and my spouse the top right.

We only had a few but we played with the paraphernalia they left on the table to amuse ourselves.

We did try the green beer and it was horrible. Made me grimace. Maybe I have turned into a beer connoisseur or something but it was four beer. 1 out of 10.

No wild and crazy night on a work day. We are not 20 for frick sake. lol. We are adults now. Our bodies kill us if we over indulge and have to go to work the next day. Straight up kill us. No mercy. Plus with migraines I never indulge much.

And you know being out on St. Patrick’s Day makes me feel in touch with the Irish writer in me. I feel like maybe I should read some James Joyce, Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift (Could totally get into some Gulliver’s Travels right now), or Oscar Wilde. I know there are so many more. Just saying I could read those ones for inspiration.

Maybe some scotch? For inspiration? Or is that my Scottish side coming out? What is their favorite drink. Guinness? Tastes like someone put 8 day old coffee in their beer. You can do like they do at Dairy Queen with blizzards. Tilt the cup upside down and a Guinness is so thick it doesn’t come out.

I think if a country was Catholic every Saint should have a holiday! Imagine that. I know there are a Lot of them. Since I am not Catholic I have no idea what that number is. Oh well Google says over 10,000 Saints. So literally every day would be a holiday. That is very holy indeed.



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