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Officially have writer’s Block

I must say it has never happened to me so not particularly fond of the sensation. I have a few novel starts but just blag. Nothing and nowhere to go with them.

How about? No. Sucks.

You could… No. Sucks.

Maybe… No. Did it.

Revising an old novel? Why? I didn’t peruse it for a reason.


I have been editing the two that need it which is keeping me busy but I like to write while I am doing so. I tend not like to do the editing phase without also at least having some creativity to compensate. I seem fine with prompt exercises for just fun but nothing that is extensive.

Maybe it is my new medications wrecking havoc on my capacity to think. One of the more unpleasant things about being chronic ill they never tell you about; medications never work very well and they have a boat-ton of side effects. Sometimes they settle after a few months and they are not so intrusive. Sometimes not. Sometimes they are so pervasive you have to stop taking the med altogether. Anyway, I’ll have to wait it out then in that case.



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