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In a writing slump

I have a bit of a worry though. I am on this new medication for depression. I have in the past not been treated for it as it was assumed to be just related to the crapton of pain I am in all the time. That sort of sucks the life out of you and you get depressed. The team of medical professionals I see said it was time to treat it in-itself.

Fine. Happy pills it is.

And I have been tired. Lacking motivation. A lump on a log.

With No inspiration to speak of. No desire to write on any of the stories I have going or edit the ones I have in editing mode.

Begs the question; does the depression spur my creativity? Or does the medication dull it?

Either way, in a slump.

I took a break from what I am writing. And have looked back on some I have on the back burner. I will run through that and see if I get any momentum on it instead.

And hopefully I will not be so immensely fatigued from the medication soon.

To be honest I do not think depression spurs creativity. I think it dulls it. Great for blog posts mainly but nothing else. Pain often spurs me to create. That is physical pain. As I am trying to distract myself from it. It does make me wonder though if you took away the pain, would I be depressed. And if you took those away what sort of person would I even be? Some things shape us more than others in life. Pain shapes a person. Suffering shapes a person. We all know that. From what we do to our poor innocent characters. I bet they can’t imagine their old selves after what we do to them either.


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