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New Year’s resolutions

I am so ready for the new year. It was a rough 2015 to be honest. We had a death in the family. I returned to work after a long term leave and that did not work out well. It has been a mess of a year.

So out with the old and in with the new. The new year is shortly upon us. Time to think about those  New Year’s resolutions to roll out and then promptly forget a month later.

I am not much for them to be honest. Can’t think of anything typical I would choose. As something with a chronic illness I do have to say because of the chronic pain I have to exercise as is. Have to. Not want to. I want to be specific about that. I also get my zen on with meditation. So there you go there is the lowering stress resolution. I weight what I should for my age and height so no desire to lose more. I do a gratitude journal so I feel all thankful every day.

They are maddening to come up with anyway. Either too easy. Or too hard. Either you have no chance in hell of achieving it. Or you could achieve it with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back. I think we are letting ourselves down right at the beginning of the year. The year is fresh, new and untouched. It should be a place of promise and potential. Pick a damn resolution that isn’t a freaking chore and something you actually want to achieve. That is going to bring you some damn joy already. Bring some life to that new year.

I never ever remember the ones I made last year. Because my memory sucks balls. I fail to remember what I did yesterday let alone what I said I would do the whole year.

I seem to remember my new year’s writing goal was to finish my novel which I did. So there is that.

I thinking writing goals are likely good ones to have in terms of a whole year. Aside from your actual resolution. Call it a writing goal for the year. I for example plan to finish editing the third novel in a series of mine and self publish it. From there I plan on starting and finishing another novel that has been intriguing me lately. See where it goes. If the mood takes me I may even attempt traditional publishing.

As for my actual resolution this year, well, I’m having a hard time thinking of one. I think I will go broad. How about: Find more things that bring me joy and do them more?

Bring it 2016. I'm ready for what you got.


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