The Chsitmas

I had a great Christmas with family and friends. It is clear to me these people know me given I got 3 gift cards to Chapters. Woot!!!! Score. Really the best gift a book hoarder can desire. It never really works out when people buy me books. It is either I read that or I would never read that.

I also got a new kindle. Just the basic one. The paperwhite one would annoy my migraine afflicted eyes. I need the nice matte screen one with no light of its own. The new one has a touch screen. Upped their game on that one. I was suitably impressed. My old one was getting up there. Sometimes I would just get black screens. Sometimes it just decided it didn’t feel like turning on. Until I Made it, damn it. So it was time for a replacement. I did not ask for this gift. My spouse is merely crazy psychic like that.

Other gifts revolve around the fact that I am always cold and have been known to crank the heat no matter what everyone else is comfortable at. They can sweat. Bwaahahaha Because damn it I am having serious chills. So I got two hoodies. And an electric blanket… which is wrapping me in the perfect cocoon of warmth. Finally warmth.

Needless to say, people know me well. Family, what can I say, if they don’t know me by now that would be rather disturbing. Or I would be really erratic.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, aside from the fact it comes with all this despicable snow crap. And not for religious reasons which I am sure offends people. How dare you love Christmas without the Christ. Well I can. Jesus is a cool guy he just rolls with it. So it is my favorite because we get to spend time with family and friends. We get a big awesome meal. However, we also get to spend the time and effort to buy gifts for those friends and family. See the joy on their faces as they open those presents. And they then know you were thinking of them when you specifically chose that. And you also get presents. And they get to see how happy you are when you open your presents.

This day of giving is just so special in that way I think. Even if like me you are having income issues and had to be very careful with gift choices… it is the love of the gift that counts. Hell a good friend of mine bought me two tea mugs and candy; candy because my spouse is candy crazy and tea mugs because we love to drink tea. So she was thinking of us when she bought that. I never expect much or anything from friends because we all have budgets, but any small token is really sweet. I gave her some Lavender bath salts I had made and a box of chocolates. I made a few of the bath salts for friends because, again, broke.

I hope all my readers also enjoyed there time with family and friends and had a great Holiday Season.


Nikki & Martin


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