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Christmas spirit-less

We have been spoiled this year here. The stow came late. It collected on the ground in wee mounds and not monstrosities of horror. The temperatures are around -7C and not -25C or… worse. I always imagine hell to be cold, brittle place. Warm seems too nice. Frigid temperatures now that is how you torment a soul. Also making them shovel for eternity.

Nevertheless I can’t complain. Yet as soon as it snowed my body decided it is Winter. And this means I am freezing even if I wear a shirt and two sweaters. And yes, one night I wore two sweaters. Damn it, I was freezing to death. I turn up the heat, I turn it down, then up, then down. Then up, then up again, then down. My body has no concept of a mild winter. When it actually gets cold in January and February, I will have to set myself on fire.

The lack of frigid temps and moderate snow sort of fooled me into believing Christmas was a ways away. I ordered online, because I hate groups of people up in my personal space bubble. So I had presents accounted for. However, not really in the mood yet. Christmas songs are annoying the hell out me. Already? I think.

I haven’t once thought about skiing this year. In my defense I can’t ski and it will never cross my mind. I have not bought the nog. Need the nog for Christmas. We did decorate the tree but even that didn’t kick in my Christmas spirit.

I fear only a massive dose of Christmas music will do to dehumbug me. Or implode my eardrums. Not sure really which one will happen.

Either way, I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season thus far. Sugar plum fairy dreams and what not.


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