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Fantays word count

I was on a writer forum just checking out random threads. I came across one about book length that intrigued me. Turns out the average fantasy is around 120,000 words. My novels run at on average 250,000 words. And that apparently is one hell of a long books.

So I will have to go into them an weed out anything I think is unnecessary to the story. I think they still end up being long, but that is forgivable in fantasy.

Apparently I can write very long novels quite easily. But I need to write smaller more concise novels.

When I write the third of the series, in November, I will stick hard to the 120,000 area.

I had gotten the idea that I needed to reach 250,000 from somewhere. Who knows where. But now it is half of that. No wonder it is so easy to write a novel in a short period of time. I have been writing double what I needed to.


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