Prompt: Hospital


My eyes snapped open and I tried to sit up. Where was I? That was very important to know right now! An arch of pain stabbed into my brain and I lay back down with a groan. I rubbed my throbbing head and felt something tangled to it. I opened my eyes to see an IV line hooked up to my hand. My skull felt like it was imploding into a black hole that would consume the universe. I was safe though. Bland white walls. Beeping machine. I was in a hospital. I was hazy on how I got here or what had happened but I know whatever it was it had scared the hell out me. My heart was still hammering from the moment I woke from the idea I was There still.

“How are you feeling?”

My eyes snapped to the corned of the curtained room and found my brother, Alex, sitting there.

“Like I have lightning for brains.”

“Do you remember anything about how you got here?”

The room had four other patients in it. All of them looking stitched up and bloody. Had I been involved in a large traffic accident? No. I had hit my head hard. I remember that and nothing after that. I remember flying through the air and hitting the side of a building. My eyes widened.

“I remember,” I whispered. It was madness. People, if they could be called that, came out of rips in the air. Literally out of thin air. They were all around seven feet tall. They all had what she could only call insane psychic abilities. Then they attacked. A guy had looked at her, flicked a hand and she was tossed into a wall like she was nothing.

She slowly moved the bed into a sitting position. “What is going on out there?”

Alex rubbed his face and then ran his hands through his hair. “I have no idea. It has been on the news all day. No one knows where they came from or what they want. But they can teleport. They have hit all over the world. They have specific targets. Must be about a thousand of them total. The news is speculating certain people are the targets but if so the pattern is erratic at best. From rich to poor. Famous to just your normal guy or woman.”

She felt her head and winced. Shifted and winced again.

“You hit your head damn hard. You have stitches and have a concussion. A couple of broken ribs. Now that you are awake I think we will be kicked out soon. They are completely out of room.”

“Never been so glad to wake up in a hospital and you know how I loathe the smell in these places. You didn’t see those people though. It was like they were soldiers. Very large, tall soldiers. On a mission. Flung me away because I was just in the way. I could have died.”

“You were luck, very lucky. I heard on the news causalities are over a hundred.”


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