Diagonally parked in parallel universe

Writing Prompt: page 51…

“If there is an ether, the Earth is evidently more or less at rest in it.”

James smiled in a way he hoped was not perceived as patronizing but it was extremely difficult to explain the physics of magic to a mundane. “Think of it this way, dark matter clouds the universe, or clumps I suppose I should say, but when two galaxies collide you see the impact of the galaxies, right? But the dark matter passes right through like it isn’t even affected by the collision. It doesn’t follow known rules.”

The mundane, Ryan Lloyd, furrowed his brow which suggested maybe James had used a poor example.

“So the ether is the same. Like dark energy, it permeates the universe. As far as we can tell it has no direct effect on matter moving through it.”

“But that makes no sense,” Ryan said. He adjusted his glasses and peered through the lab window down to the lab floor when they were doing so basic ‘magic work’. The more theoretical and advanced work was deeper down in the lab; an old converted mine.

“Just understand it is new research and we are working on figuring out the properties as we go along.”

“Well tell me why humans make this ether do things,” he said with a wide all-encompassing gesture.

“Ever since the pandemic, a percentage of the population has had the capacity to connect with their environment in a different level. We have done an array of tests, as you know. To use another example they are like particles that also behave as waves. They are people but also ripple out into their environment, connecting to it on another, deeper level. Basically achieving various psychic abilities. So then a fraction of them, which we decided to call wizards for the sake of simplicity and well the pure awesomeness of it, can not only connect with the environment but they can draw in.”

“Draw in ether?”

James nodded. “Draw in ether. And change it. And produce magic. Obviously, it isn’t easy as waving our hands about and chanting a few words, but what we are able to do is pretty amazing when you think about it.”

“IS the research dangerous since you know nothing about the ether?”

“Not at all.” They took every precaution since they were scientists after all. Or he was. They ensured the wizards who were not followed all experimental protocols. There was no danger in the lab. To anyone… except the wizard. A few of them had had some seizures. There had been one death. It was a learning process. “Why don’t I give you a tour. I have arranged for some of the group to give you some intriguing demonstrations of what we have come up with. I am sure Fredrick will be interested in funding when he hears your report.


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