Life is like a story…

11056985_880793455305882_1158816746_nmind blown We’re all just stories in the end. We really, really are. The fact is, our brain likes to remember events as it wants to remember them, not how they happened. It makes our lives into its own personal story of what happened. Sometimes you get into an argument with someone about some event years ago because you both remember different things. And you know what? Neither of you are right. What really happened is not what either of you are remembering. You both have shaded it in different ways. But someone might be accurate about one fact and the other about some other fact. Which is why sometimes two people can sometimes get a clearer idea of a memory of an event. But our brains just do not remember reality as it happened. They don’t encode long term memories right when they happen. And then once they have encoded those long term memories they change every time you reflect upon them. We are all stories.

Sometimes I think I would be the most boring story ever told. However, then I remember every single person has an interesting story to tell. When you talk to someone for a good stretch of time an interesting story always comes out. Something they know or did that you have no experience with. We all have tales to tell like that. Different experiences. Different knowledge.

A sign of a liar is that they have a low self-opinion. They do not believe their story would interest anyone else. So they embellish it. They lie about it. They try to make themselves and their lives sound more interesting. Make a new story. I never used to understand people like that. I loath liars. And I wondered why they thought the truth was not worth talking about. Why they thought who they were was never good enough. But it is about who they think they are and about their self-worth. You have to believe your story has some worth.

Stories are also flexible. Whatever your story currently is you can change it mid-chapter and plot twist it! Why not? Nothing in the rules of life that says we cannot dramatically change who we are. What we do. Where we live. What we like. We can remake our stories. We are the authors and the characters. That is a lot of power right there.


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