I have been exploring the site Fiverr recently for people that might help me in various different ways. I found one person that was willing to promote my book on 50 Facebook kindle groups. So I chose that one just to save me some marketing time.

I also am trying out the cover design from one fellow. Although to be honest, I feel that as long as you have access to a good site from images it should not be hard at all with the right program to create them. I will see what he comes up with. It was my free one for signing up so no harm no foul. I chose a book I am currently editing and will be selling as a 99 cent book. Some of them on there though are artists, so conceivably you can get an artist rendition for your cover.

Anyway, there are a lot of people on there offering lots of little interesting things that can help you out in various ways. Even if it is just saving you the time of doing it yourself. They are all for 5 bucks, unless you ask for the extra services which can be more. Each people lists their five dollar deal and what extra services they may provide.

I will show you guys the cover he comes up with for me, but it is not due for a few days. I give you a look at it when it is due.


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