Prompt: When he walked into the cafe….

Write Now Prompt: When he walked into the cafe, he immediately spotted the person he was looking for.

Witches had an aura about them that made his skin tingle. This warlock dressed casually in a t-shirt and jeans sparked the air around him. It made him more vibrant than any of the other patrons. Even his guard who sat on the stool at the counter to his left, with hooded eyes looking around his wary intensity. James had a knack for detected supernaturals though. They could try and blend in all they wanted to. He could feel their distinctness. It pressed against his skin. Tingled up his spine.

He slid into the seat across from the man. The file said his name was Thomas Brant but that could be an alias. Warlocks were well known for hiding their true names and being on the down low in society. He tracked one down that had twenty aliases.

“You’re Agent Wright?”

James nodded.

“I want her back and I want her back unharmed,” he said. His expression did not change but his dark brown eyes were narrowed and held a deep rage.

“We helped her, Thomas. We had no intention of harming her. She clearly doesn’t belong to any registered coven. Or unregistered one for that matter. I fail to see what business it is of yours.”

“She gave you my name right?” James nodded. “Then it is my business. What business do you have holding her? Did she do anything against your so called paranormal laws?”

“Not exactly, no. For one, she is unregistered and that, in-itself gives us the right to investigate.”

“No, it gives you the right to fine her.”

“And investigate why she never registered and what exactly her paranormal status is. Do you know?”

Thomas took a sip of his coffee then set it aside. He thinned his lips. “I would like to see her.”

James took note of his change in subject. The fact was his friend had been very reluctant to explain her situation. Why she was unregistered. What sort of abilities she had. He sensed she had them. They knew she was paranormal. She looked human so it voided any obvious classes. It left witches or psychic classes. Why she would avoid the subject had him might curious however.

“We have her in isolation right now. Until she clears up the situation she was involved in and answers the questions we have about her status she cannot have visitors. I am meeting with you only to see if you can clear any of that up.”

“Then I will get a paranormal representative to represent her case,” he said.

James shrugged. “If you feel that is necessary.”

“Clearly it is. If you are holding her with no plans on releasing her.”

“I will leave you to that. How about you tell me how you know her to start with.”

He scowled. “Nothing I say is going to be remotely helpful to you. We were raised in an orphanage in Alberta together. One for children with, ah, special needs. As you can imagine most of us do not get adopted as was the case with us. We aged out together. We are friends, agent.”

“Then surely you know her paranormal nature.”

“It should be obvious, agent. She is not a witch. She is not a paranormal creature. She is of the psychic class. Clearly.”

Now James narrowed his eyes. There was nothing clear about it. Nothing at all.


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