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Written Interview nerves

I have myself a new writing assignment. A written interview with a company I would really like to work for. They gave me a great topic to write and I am excited about it already. With some ideas whiling about. In fact, I have the intro down already with a spice of humor in it.

However, unlike other writing assignments I have had I find myself nervous because the stakes are higher. Given I am coming off my long term leave and of need of gainful employment now I am under a little strain to do so. In a timely manner. Therefore, I desire this piece I am working on for them to go over very well.

I want to strut my stuff.

I want to ‘wow’ them with my awesomeness.

tumblr_inline_mkexthRzNi1qz4rgp mind blown

Too much?

Okay, I want them to think it works and works well for their needs. That it is a good piece. That I would work well with them. And hire me of course. Thus resolving some of my stress.


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