New Freelancer site

I have put up a new Freelance website for myself. I have been freelancing on low paid sites and doing blog content for free. As well as doing social media admin work and content creation for volunteer work, advocacy work really. I was on long term disability for work which ends in three months so now I need to get a paying portfolio. In little time. Rather stressed about it I might add. First was changing to a new website. I went with a free one, since clearly I have to save funds at this point in the game.

I doubt I can acquire a sufficient portfolio in time. I would simply like to begin. I will have to find another at home work to do for baseline income to cover the rest until I pick up speed.

It is unfortunate you cannot make income on LTD, otherwise I would have begun this process while I was on leave, but you cannot. So thus the looming deadline of doom they have so graciously left me with. If I could only meet them to thank them with a punch to the man bits. If they have man bits.


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