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The short story thing

I have noticed more than a few short story contests on line. Makes me wonder if I should write some. However, it is rare for me to do so. When I was younger I would write short stories, that seemed a little too long to be honest, but were in that class. But I just really have few ideas these days that are short.

In fact, since I have been thinking about it… nothing. Nothing has come to mind. I could write non-fiction easily. I write essays here and there. But a fiction short story piece really has to be a unique idea to me.

However, maybe it is a good idea. I have been writing some poetry lately and that is not something I do a lot of either. I like that I can express myself in a different way. Maybe I should try to branch out just because branching out stretches those creative muscles.

Branching out seems like a good challenge to me. I was thinking the easiest approach was to take a novel concept, I have yet to write yet, or in rough, and write short stories about the character before that novel even happened. There are a few where their lives were interesting prior to the events I plotted for them to occur. Also a good way of making them short stories. Like mini fantasy mysteries.



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