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New years resolution

I firmly believe that chronically ill people should not have New Years resolutions. This is because we have goals throughout the year to benefit our health in some way that we carry on with. Many goals. Not one. How lame it would be to say as a resolution ‘I am totally going to exercise… oh, wait, I have to exercise. Okay, then more, exercise more. Oh, wait, I have to increase it at a certain pace anyway. Screw it not exercise then.’

My resolution should be anyone around me who does not exercise, and by that I mean everyone, has to exercise now as well. Because misery loves company, man, and exercise and me do not get along. Loathe is the word I would use. Abhor.

Point is I have plenty of goals this year that will carry forth into the new year. I have goals that I will also start as well. Other health goals I will start once the other once become habit. All to improve that health thing that my body never really got the hang of.

So really for this once a year choose a resolution on a whim on January first? What is a unhealthy person to do? We have to go another way. Choose something that has nothing to do with health goals. Our cup over floweth.

So my resolution for this year…. *drum roll* is: I will finish writing my current novel, edit the hell out of it, and if I decide to send it to a publisher rather than self-publish then do that. Maybe a beta reader this go if I can find one. Also, like to finish the rough draft of a trilogy I have. That is my writing resolution for 2015



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