Remember to take your introvert out this holiday season

7794_422079254556477_956464392_n 971922_438728752891527_1406788853_nIt is the start of that time of year where there are a lot of social obligations. Not really the sort of time as an introvert that really excites me. I enjoy some gatherings, if small and of people I know well. Large ones, not so much. And they are draining unless you can get engaged in the sort of conversation I enjoy rather than idle chit chat. What is the weather like? It sucks, still sucks, is going to suck all winter. Soooo…. then, what else can we cover?

I will enjoy the Christmas parties and family gatherings because I will stick to the people I know and that there will ensure a good time. I love Christmas for that very fact, spending time with people I care about when really I am such a hermit I rarely spend time with, well, people. It does not change the fact that I am always a little glad when events are over because they do drain me.

I do better with my alone time. Mug of tea, snuggled in my blankets with a really good book. Reading to an insane time in the morning because I wanted to get through Just One more chapter. Or writing in the middle of the night and ending up staying up to 4am because I was in ‘my groove’.

So the lesson is…take your introvert out this year. Drag them to events, occasions and gatherings. It is good for them. Get them to meet people. Get them to engage in interesting conversations which they will love to do. Get them to hang out with friends they are really comfortable with so they can really be themselves. Remember to take your introvert out this year because introverts, well, sometimes they forget to do so. Sometimes introverts are inclined to be hermits and need to be encouraged to socialize. Then when you bring your introvert home let them have some quality down time, so they can recharge and relax since that is how we roll.


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