About Writing

I love to write…. and that would be that

Ever get the feeling that you just do not know all the ins and outs of this business and you never will?

I love to write. And I will continue to write. I improve my writing. I enjoy the whole process of it. Everything about it. Write. Write. Write. And edit.

Yet I know nothing about beta readers or how to get them.

I know nothing about how to get people to review my book once I have it published, but that sure would be handy to have.

I know a lot about social media and use it extensively for my health related blog. I do to to some extent for my writing but self-promotion is something that always makes me feel a little awkward to be honest. I would rather blog and connect everything to Facebook and Twitter. Post memes to Facebook. And have a connection in that sense. Although I do post a tiny ad of my own at the bottom of some non-book review posts like this one. That seems fine to me.

There are all these things I could do, but do not because they cost money and I certainly do not have that. There are things I could do, but have no idea how to go about them. There are likely things I have no idea about.

I think I am introverted, private, reserved and a hermit… and none of these things are helping me any.

But I love to write.

So perhaps I should consider trying the traditional route with this novel I am working on now. With an agent and all that jazz. Mostly because of the inherent structure to it. I can have my blog and my social network but anything else… people can tell me what is what. That would be rather nice. I need to know what is what. My head is always buried in a book to be honest.

I must say though, going to traditional route is a long arduous process with a statistically low chance of success. On the bright side, I could write the sequel to my series that is self-published while Waiting for a traditional publisher to Look at a manuscript. So there is that.

It all reminds me a lot of getting married. I live in a common law relationship for the last 17 years. There was a time when I thought of getting married and in fact I am technically engaged. Then I was a bridesmaid for a friend and I went to this bridal conference gathering thing where all this companies gather to sell you everything you could possibly need for the wedding of your dreams. Well, the wedding of my dreams did not exist. I had never thought about it. Never crossed my mind to be honest. So I had no concept of what I desired. No idea what one even needed. Or how to get that done. I had thought… simple. Simple apparently did not exist. There were literally dozens of things I had not even considered when planning even the simplest of weddings. I did not like this at all. All these things to consider. So damn many choices to make. And the cost! Why could it not just be simple? Well, then if you invite no one then you offend everyone. But you can’t invite everyone, not when half my family is french catholic and there are a billion of them apparently. And no way was I buying a dress to wear for one day… those things are insane in cost. Apparently I do not know how to plan an event. Or a party. Or a small gathering of people. It boggled my mind. So I procrastinated and then decided I really wasn’t fond of the whole marriage idea at all anyway. It was meaningless if you are not religious and have no children. So why bother with all that fuss? But… had someone planned it For me, then we would be married right now. It was all those factors to consider and remember and account for that was so frustrating I could not be bothered with it. I see why brides go a little loopy.

In other words, if the structure is already there it is great. You play within the structure. But if it isn’t, then I sort of flounder around trying different things wondering what the heck I am doing.

Check out All Drugged Up and Nowhere to Go (Haven Book 2)


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