NaNWriMo or NanoNot

I have never actually participated in NaNWriMo. Because I am not a big joiner really. Not one to join things. More one to just to my thing. And really that is the reason.

However, this year I was intrigued by the idea. I am mid novel right now and for that reason I thought I shouldn’t bother. I am right into the thick of it with this work and have little desire to start anything else at this current point. Yet, I do have another novel, a third in a series I will in fact be starting soon that I also have the plot laid out of essentially. I thought doing it with that one would be a fun and interesting challenge, plus get me into it a good chunk. I think it would have been an interesting experiment.

In the end though I knew I would never be able to complete the challenge.

You see those pesky migraines of mine do not play by the same rules of communication. Sometimes I am jittery and filled with ideas and pain. I can write feverishly fueled by insomnia and, well, pain. Need a distraction anyway and diving into that world and absorbing myself in the words is that. But some days my brain is mush. I am dumber than dirt. I say pumpernickel. Pumpernickel? No that was not what I meant to say at all. Periwinkle? No. And… it is gone. Or the words that come out are garbled and twisted and jumbled all up. It makes for interesting writing. So instead I write a blog post. A poem. And maybe a page or two on my novel more slowly. There will always be bad word days. Always be good word days.

But there will never be migraine days that are all good days. That simply doesn’t exist. I wish.

So there was really no point in joining to just fail at the challenge. However, maybe next year I will. Just to see how Far I get. That could be interesting in itself.


4 thoughts on “NaNWriMo or NanoNot”

  1. Me too–on the migraines. Nasty buggers that give me daily problems. I’ve found great relief from Botox, but not elimination. I know exactly what you mean about the mush. I can’t believe what I’ve written at times, under the influence of pain.

    Keep it up, Nikki. Somehow it’ll work out.


  2. I’m glad the botox helps a bit. I gave it a go and it didn’t work, but that was years ago. I might try again soon. It is amazing how pain can inspire us creatively. I think any profound experience can. Not the way we want to go about it mind you. But migraines are a different beast. I also have FM and that sort of pain I was always able to think through, even with brain fog issues… just have to get around that aspect in different ways. But migraines have that neurological component that really can do a number on our communication skills as well as our capacity to think.


    1. My neurologist says Botox doesn’t help everyone. He’s always hapy it works so well for me (more like, amazed). I went through 33 years of struggling to find balance with headache pain and find surcease. This is as close as I get.

      FM–yuck. That’s worse than my RA. What is God thinking??


  3. It would be nice if fate saw that once we have chronic pain… we don’t get more chronic pain, but apparently not.

    When I originally did botox it was back when they didn’t have the same protocols they have now for as many shots and for a trial period of I believe three months, as some people do not see much improvement the first round. I had just had shots on my forehead, as a trial, and when I had no positive response at all my neuro said it was not worth giving it a go again. However, the pain clinic I am at now suggested it might be worth trying again with all shots. I know the stats on it so know it might not do much frequency wise, but it could do something intensity wise. And that would also be nice. But I will see what they decide. Right now I am on an exhausting and painful exercise regiment.


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