Lost an idea

I am a sort of lucid dreamer due to some serious insomnia and disturbed sleep issues. Normally I loathe lucid dreaming because I love to see where my brain takes me. Your brain can travel in some wonderful directions of its own accord without you mucking about with it. I have fantastical dreams. I love that about dreaming.

I had a dream and it turned into a lucid dream. I remember that I played around with it. I had took the reins and took control of the plot. I remember loving the story line and getting quite involved with it such that when I woke up, which is a frequent occurrence for me at night, I thought it would make a great story. I knew I should write it down to take advantage of later.

Except it was in the middle of the night. And I was sleepy. And being sleepy is a rare thing for me. If I got up and wrote it down I would no longer be sleepy. Since sleep is such a treasure I thought ‘I will write it down when I wake up’ No way i will forget this. Just need to remember… something and something. These two key words that I do Not in fact remember. I in fact remember Nothing except it was a damn good idea.

Never Ever say ‘I will write it down in the morning’. I know this. I have in fact done this before.


Check out All Drugged Up and Nowhere to Go (Haven Book 2)


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