Some tools

We all write in different ways and utilize different methods for our productivity.  I use the computer and I use little thin notebooks for each novel for notes on the story, character and anything else I need to remember. That is how I roll.

However I have found and use other productivity tools for writing and creativity.

  • Toggl- Is a counter simple as that. It times how long I spend novel writing or blogging or non-fiction writing. It will let me choose a project title and it will tally up my time as well. However, this is how I can see how long I have been spending on each project. If I have been spending a good about of time, too little, too much.
  • WorkFlowy- This is a simple app where you can create really easy flow charts like I am doing now. So say you want to create an outline for a novel, or more novels, and character outlines… this would work very well… it is fluid but simple in structure and really easy to find what you are looking for when you look back.
  • EverNote- Is a great little organizational tool I have been using for research and creative inspiration. You can tag links in there. Post pages. You can take pictures and tag them in there. You can write lists and notes. You can have it on your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet and it is all synched.
  • Google Keep-Is a simpler version of EverNote. You can make lists and you can have pictures but it does not have the clip from the net to clip links or pages. Yet still useful for collecting and sorting those notes you have on a story anywhere you might come up with them. Or noting research for later.
  • Flow- Is a took to collaborate with a group. So if you collaborate this is for you. It has tasks, calender built in. You can chat with your team. You can delegate tasks to members. It is very interactive way to communicate with a team of people and stay organized on a project, more than one project, and also on more than one factor… as you can make more than one tab to this.. like one for main, one for marketing and so forth.
  • Wunderlist- Is a basic list making app. It is a good one that can be synched on more than one device which I like. And since I Am forgetful it comes in handy for me. So if you have a lot of due dates and times events this is something you might also consider for productivity.

Feel free to recommend so good productivity apps to me as well. I am always looking for ways to make that side of things efficient as possible.



2 thoughts on “Some tools”

    1. I love the system you have going on. I have checked it out just recently as I have been looking at various productivity tools. This would be great for any sort of collaborations.


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